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Localize & Inform

TD care is your ultimate companion in the world of secure and effective traveler localization. With TD care, you not only stay informed about the whereabouts of your travelers but also remain ready to act proactively to ensure their safety. Stay one step ahead and create a secure travel environment.

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TD care allows you to quickly and securely locate your employees based on travel booking data and contact them in crisis situations. But that's not all - TD care offers a variety of other intelligent features that make your work easier.

Landing Page World Map
Zoom In Word Map
Traveller List
Itinerary Detail
Export Function


  • Use the map overview to locate your travelers around the world at any time

  • Search for travelers in the list and display the detailed travel plan

  • Export the list of travelers in Excel format

  • Switching to Google Streetview enables further impressions

E-mail or  SMS Templates
List of Communication
  • Send your employees an text or email if you want to reach them in the event of a crisis

  • Choose from a text template or send an individual text

  • Answers from your employees are displayed directly in the communication tab


POI List
POI Zoom in
Google Map
Google Streetview

Points of Interest (POI)

  • Load points of interest, such as your company locations or project locations into the map view

  • Storage of images for individual POIs with optional move to google street view

  • Automatic POI contact maintenance of the local contact person

List Risk Countries
Risk Level Germany Covid
Risk Areas World Map

Management of Risk Areas

  • Display of the crisis areas, subdivided into medical, security and overall risks on the world map

  • Possibility to manage crisis areas individually

  • Current: Display of the Covid case numbers in all districts in Germany

Edit Expat
Expat Column Chooser
List Expats
  • Load your expats into TD care so that you can reach them at any time

  • Add individual details such as emergency contacts

  • Include the expats in the defined travel security process

Expats Administration

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