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We attach great importance to long-term customer relationships based on partnership. Over the years we have built up a customer base that is made up of a wide variety of industries.

However, all of our customers have one thing in common: They need to consolidate their travel data due to their high travel volume.

And within the company, we address various departments with our products - from travel management to purchasing, security and human resources.

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GEA Group

Based on our requirements, NP4 offered its central Travel Data Suite system as a solution - initially only for the GEA Group's travel management. From the Travel Data Suite product family, the modules TD pool for the collection and consolidation of global booking data, TD chart for data evaluation and TD hub for connecting further processing systems were offered. Today the solutions are no longer only used by travel management, but also in the areas of purchasing, security and controlling.


Continental AG

... Drastically shorter processing times for travel permits, satisfied travelers and finally praise for the travel managers: At Continental, they are happy with a new travel approval process based on travel data from NP4. In addition to the useful, there are also strategic advantages: With the software solution, Continental retains control over its own processes and does not have to rely on the products of suppliers.



The core competence of NP4 lies in the collection and consolidation as well as in the provision of worldwide travel data. Therefore, when finding a solution for the Airbus Group, NP4 GmbH focussed on the requirements of data consolidation, the pre-trip approval process as well as data enrichment and transfer.

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