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are our passion and drive us every day

Since our foundation in 1997, we have been at the forefront of the most innovative solutions and techniques, offering a wide range of services to meet our customers' needs. From intensive project management to order monitoring, we do everything at competitive prices in the market. Call us for a free consultation.

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Travel data consolidation


Collecting and consolidating worldwide travel data is an activity that has been very important to us as NP4 since the company was founded in 1997.
Only if your travel data is complete and of a reliable quality, later processing by other systems and creation of meaningful reports are possible.

  • Reservation systems

  • Direct provider

  • Online booking machines

  • manual travel data entry

  • Expat data collection

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Travel documents


Easy to read and graphically attractive travel documents was one of our founding ideas. We have developed a passion for this over the past 20 years and have developed some special solutions for our customers in the past.

  • Travel plan

  • Ticket receipt

  • Content management system

  • Travel offer

  • Cancellation confirmation

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Reporting & analysis


If the travel data has already been collected, a report on it or an analysis of the data would be very interesting ...
Many projects on this topic have already started like this or something like that and we are still sometimes surprised about the different reporting possibilities in the travel industry.

  • Credit cards

  • Travel booking data

  • Contract performance

  • Travel Policy Tracking

Locate and inform travellers


Employees travel on behalf of your company and we can help you to get an overview of who is where in the world and how they got there.
These days it is also very important to get in touch with your travelles any time informing about travel security related issues. We are the right partner to ensure this successfully in your company.

  • Localize by map or list

  • Points of interest

  • Expats administration

  • Communication with travellers

  • Territory Risk Management

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Approved Seal Medical Concept. Approve H

The approval of a trip has many reasons and the view about this very much differ amongst the managers in the industry.  But in fact there might be many possible questions which should be clarified before a trip is taking place.  We can support you in that with our product TD go.

  • Budget controlled

  • Travel area risk controlled

  • other procedures

Travel approval process

To have an overview of your total travel costs  an essential prerequisite for recognizing potential savings and incorporating them into contract negotiations with your service providers.  

With TD hub you have a wide range of options to have data sent to you prepared from a wide variety of sources or to analyze it yourself as a raw data delivery.


Consolidated data export

  • Automated reports

  • quality control

  • Data enrichment

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TD go
TD hub
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