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The #Freedom to work from anywhere: NP4 makes it possible! #RemoteWork #DataProtection

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

🔊 At #NP4, we actively embrace the changes in the world of work.

Rather than being tied to traditional office environments, we focus on #RemoteWork, fostering the freedom and flexibility of our employees while ensuring safety and data protection. 🌍🔐

Work can take place anywhere - in a quiet home office, a bustling café, a cozy co-working space, or even on the beach. At #NP4, every employee has the freedom to choose their own workplace, thus providing the opportunity to optimally balance work and personal life. 🌴☕🏖️⚖️

We not only advocate for the well-being and productivity of our employees but also for the protection of their data and compliance with data protection regulations. In accordance with the #GDPR and our strict internal data protection guidelines, we ensure that all information our employees work with is safe and protected, regardless of where they are located. 🔒📊

The combination of #freedom, #flexibility, and #secure data practice allows us to create a working environment that is both efficient and secure.

Stay tuned to learn more about our remote work experiences and practices, and how we use them to create a better working environment.


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