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🌐 TD pool: The Core of Our Travel Data Suite! 🌐

Dive into a solution specifically designed to transform your business travel and data management requirements. With TD pool, you are always at the forefront of technology, keeping your travel data always at hand, being the core of our Travel Data Suite product family for 25 years.

🔗 What is TD pool?

TD pool is our extensive database that serves as a central source for all your travel data. Whether it's data from external providers like your TMCs via GDS/API, hotel booking platforms, car rental providers, or internal expense data - TD pool consolidates everything in one place.

📈 Why is Data Consolidation So Important?

The VDR Business Travel Analysis 2023 highlights that companies that effectively consolidate and analyze their business travel data can achieve significant cost savings and optimize their travel processes. Topics such as price increases, climate protection & sustainability, skilled worker shortages, and international travel destinations are particularly relevant and can be significantly optimized through consolidated data.

🔍 Key Features of TD pool:

- Global Travel Agency Data: All your travel agency data, regardless of the source, is consolidated in TD pool.

- Connecting External Data Sources: Easily add data from external providers via API, data files.

- Internal Expense Data: Integrate your internal expenditure data for comprehensive analysis.

- Flexible Data Usage: Transfer data to our reporting tool TD chart or use raw data for your analyses.

🚀 Manage your business travel data with expertise!

Contact us and let's optimize your travel data together!


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