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🌐 TD go: Automate Your Business Travel Approvals with Ease! 🌐

TD go

Your business travel approvals will never be a problem again. With TD go, you can ensure that every step in the approval process is not only precise but also fully compliant with your company policies. Make the travel approval process a breeze and focus on what really matters - your business.

✅ What is TD go?

TD go offers you a fully flexible way to control the approval process according to your needs. It is independent of travel agencies or Online Booking Tools (OBEs) and can be used worldwide. With TD go, you can select the preferred approval process from various options and always have full transparency through seamless traceability that can be exported in a report.

🚨 Why is an Efficient Approval Process So Important?

A structured approval process for business travel allows companies to keep costs transparent, initiate internal processes for travel to risk areas, and ensure that travel is in line with company policies. TD go offers a comprehensive solution to control the approval process while simultaneously streamlining and automating internal workflows.

🔍 Key Features of TDgo:

- Choices: Option for the traveler and approver to select the preferred one from various options.

- Integration: Full integration of your travel agency's booking processes and/or Online Booking Tools.

- Reminder Function: Reminder if no approval is given.

- Control According to Travel Costs: Travel to certain countries is subject to approval.

- Risk Area Control: You can easily manage risk areas yourself.

- Additional Options: Approval based on any information contained in the booking, and much more.

🚀 Get Started with TD go!

Contact us - and automate your approval process with TD go and travel worry-free!


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