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🌐 TD doc: Your Travel Documents, Clear, Precise, and in Corporate Design! 🌐

TD doc

Travel documents are more than just information sheets - they are the flagship of your company, especially when it comes to business travel. Discover TD doc! A tool that not only ensures your travel documents are clear and precise but also perfectly represents your brand. With TD doc, every document you create will be a reflection of your corporate identity and integrity while clearly communicating all necessary information.

📄 What is TD doc?

TDdoc specializes in creating and sending readable and graphically appealing travel documents. It allows for the generation and display of additional information on individual travel segments or the storage of a special layout that every employee recognizes based on your corporate identity.

🌐 Why are Tailored Travel Documents So Important?

In today's business world, where brand presence and consistency are crucial, tailored travel documents provide not only clear and precise information but also an extension of your corporate identity. TD doc ensures that every document your employees receive reflects your brand identity while clearly and distinctly presenting all necessary travel information.

🔍 Key Features of TD doc:

- HTML Email and PDF Attachment: Optimized for display on mobile devices and in print design, optionally with your corporate design.

- Company-Specific, Target-Dependent Texts: Implementation in the documents possible.

- Free Baggage and Links to Online Check-in: Can be included in the travel documents.

- CO2 Emissions: Calculated by our partner MyClimate and can be added to the documents.

- Additional Content: Such as hotel information, cancellation rules, breakfast details, payment methods, and booking source can also be integrated.

🚀 Rely on Clear, Brand-Compliant Travel Documents with TD doc!

Contact us - and make your travel documents unique and informative with TD doc!



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