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🌐TD care: Soar with Secure and Efficient Traveler Localization!🌐

TD care is here, your ultimate companion in the world of safe and effective traveler localization. With TD care, you are not only always informed about where your travelers are but also always ready to act proactively and ensure the safety of your travelers. Always be one step ahead and provide a safe travel environment.

📍 What is TD care?

TD care allows you to quickly and securely locate your employees based on travel booking data and contact them in crisis situations. But that's not all - TD care offers a variety of other intelligent features that make your work easier.

🚨 Why is Localization and Communication so Critical?

Recent studies and events underline the importance of effective localization and communication with employees on business trips in order to be able to respond adequately in crisis situations. TD care offers a comprehensive solution here to always keep an overview and communicate quickly in an emergency.

🔍 Key Features of TD care:

- Locate: Worldwide localization of your travelers with map overview and detailed travel plans.

- Communicate: Quick communication with your employees via SMS or email in case of crisis.

- Points of Interest: Upload POIs, such as company or project locations, into the map view.

- Crisis Areas: Visualize crisis areas and manage them individually.

- Expats: Integrate your expats to be able to reach them at any time.

🚀 Stay One Step Ahead with TD care!

Contact us to learn more about how TD care can support your company in terms of travel safety.


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