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Sustainability in Focus: The Green Shift in the Business Travel World

The Green Shift in the Business Travel World

The Green Shift in the Business Travel World - Travelling Responsibly 🌍🌱✈️

In 2023, the trend towards sustainability in the business travel world continues to intensify. Companies of all sizes and industries are recognizing the importance of sustainable practices, and the green shift in business travel is in full swing.

This move towards eco-friendly practices is due to a variety of factors - including increasing concerns about climate change, social pressure, and the heightened environmental consciousness of many companies.

The concept of sustainability in the business travel world has many facets: from reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the environment to considering ethical aspects in planning and conducting travels.

The green shift manifests itself in several ways:

Low-carbon Travel

Companies are actively seeking ways to minimize the carbon footprint of their travels. A report by the World Economic Forum shows that companies increasingly prefer train and bus travel to air travel on short to medium distances.

Climate-neutral Options

Many travel providers now offer options to offset the CO2 emissions from business travel. According to MyClimate, in 2022, about 25% of companies in Germany began offsetting their emissions through investments in sustainable projects.

Sustainable Accommodation

An increasing number of hotels and accommodations are focusing on eco-friendly practices. A survey by revealed that 70% of business travelers prefer hotels implementing environmentally friendly measures.

Responsible Travel Practices

Companies are promoting responsible travel practices among their employees. A study by the Boston Consulting Group shows that 65% of companies encourage their employees to use public transport and consider local environmental and social issues.

The green shift is a clear sign that companies recognize the importance of their social role and are ready to drive positive change. With the year 2023, this trend is likely to gain further momentum, as more and more companies recognize the benefits of a sustainable travel policy.

In your opinion, how will the sustainable business travel world continue to evolve? What measures or innovations could further drive the green shift in the business travel world? Get in touch with us.


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