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Diana Kraus Opens the Gate to the World with NP4 GmbH: 🌍 Remote 💻 with Responsibility

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Remote Work

Today we welcome Diana Kraus, a passionate Project Manager at NP4, providing us with an exclusive insight into her life as an occasional global remote worker. Diana has been a solid part of our NP4 community for three years and during this time, has developed an impressive understanding of remote work and the corresponding data protection.💡🛡️

NP4: Hello Diana, it's fantastic to have you here! You're known for being a real 🌍 traveler who works from anywhere. How did you feel about this transition when you joined NP4 and this opportunity was created?

Diana: It was exciting and a little scary at the same time. But NP4 has a corporate culture that made it easy for me to fit in. The opportunity to 💻 from anywhere in the world has completely changed my way of life and work.

NP4: That sounds like a big adventure! But how do you ensure data protection🛡️ when working in such diverse places?

Diana: Yes, that was a challenge at first. However, NP4 has an excellent onboarding program and strict guidelines that take data protection🛡️ very seriously. Everyone who 💻 remotely with us is thoroughly trained and equipped to ensure they meet all data protection requirements.

NP4: Finding a good work-life balance can often be difficult, especially when working from anywhere in the world. How do you master this challenge?⚖

Diana: Finding a balance was not easy at first. But I've learned to set clear boundaries and structure my work. Even though I have the luxury of working in inspiring places, I make sure my work always remains separate from my leisure time.

NP4: Would you like to introduce us to a typical (work) day during your remote work?

Diana: I either work "typically" from home or from a coworking space. There, I can also connect superbly with other remote workers. Afterwards, I basically do the same things I would do at home after work, only in ❄ for example, with the bonus of having longer ☀ or being able to walk on the 🏖.

NP4: Finally, Diana, what would you like to tell other NP4 employees who also want to work remotely globally?

Diana: I would say: Be open to change and be ready to learn. It can be difficult at first, but it is definitely worth it. Utilize the resources that NP4 provides to train you regarding data protection and security. And above all, enjoy the freedom and diversity that 🌍 Remote 💻 offers!

NP4: Diana, your journey is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights with us. 🚀


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