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Happy SysAdminDay 2023

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

On this special #SysAdminDay, we want to take a moment to appreciate the tireless work and dedication of all system administrators worldwide. You guys do amazing background work that's often overlooked but never overvalued. 🌐👏 Learn more about #SysAdminDay

We want to give a special shout-out to our own SysAdmins, @Tim Hallinger and @Oliver Ziegler, as well as our colleagues from Operations and Development. Together, they've achieved an impressive 99.95% availability for our SaaS solutions over the past 12 months. Your tireless work and dedication help us maintain the high security standard and performance of our systems. Thank you for always being there for us! 🎉👨‍💻👏

Did you know that at NP4, we offer specialized IT services for SMEs? 🤔 With our knowledge and expertise, we could support your business while you focus on what you do best. Let's achieve great things together! Discover how we can help you! 🔍🌐


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