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🌟 We have a new home! 🌟

At NP4 GmbH, an exciting new era begins: We are delighted to unveil our new headquarters on Gräfenhäuser Straße, Darmstadt. Our move stands for innovation, progress, and a close connection to our values of New Work and team cohesion.


🔍 A Place That Shapes Our Future

 Our new office spaces are more than just rooms – they are the centerpiece of our vision for the future. CEO Achim sums it up: "The new location feels just right." CEO Felix adds: "The perfect location for our future." Their words perfectly capture the collective enthusiasm and commitment of our team.


👥 Employees at the Center

 What makes this location change unique is that our employees had a say in the location and facilities. This involvement reflects our belief that an inspiring workplace is the foundation for creativity, productivity, and satisfaction.


📸 A Look Behind the Scenes

 We have captured some moments of our move, the new office, and the advantages of the location to share with you.


🚀 Ready for the Future

 After a few quiet weeks on LinkedIn, during which we fully dedicated ourselves to the move, we are now ready to continue our mission: developing high-quality software solutions. With our new location, we have made a great leap forward not only in space but also in our working methods and culture.


We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to welcoming our customers and partners to this new, inspiring place. Together we look forward to a future full of innovation, cohesion, and success.


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